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LibertyCoven.COM is an Advanced Social Media Platform that values your Privacy, Freedom of Speech and Expression!

Welcome to the Revolution! Finally a Social Media platform, that allows you to regain your Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and most importantly, Your Privacy! We offer unique services, which even Face Book doesn't offer:

What is We are an advanced social Media Platform that is focused on privacy, freedom of speech and expression. We don’t even require real names! We also don’t ban just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinions, allow dank memes, within certain limits as per USA’s federal and state laws. We’re not liberals. Come join and check us out! Also remember to share with your friends!

- Regain your privacy by using a Screen Name / User Name instead of forcing you to use your real name.
- Extended Privacy Settings
- Peer to Peer Messaging System. Similar to Snap Chat for extra privacy.
- Forums
- Photo Gallery (Public and Private)

Private: Photo Gallery Similar to FaceBook
Public Gallery: Ability to share images on a public gallery, which are rated, up-voted, featured, etc.
- A complete Blogging System to allow you to share your stories.
and more...