General Rules

General Terms of Service Rules

- All content must adhere to your Local, State, and Federal Laws. That means no Drugs (Marijuana is not a Drug), Sale of Drugs, Illegal Fire Arms, Sexual Exploitation of Children, etc. Any Reported violations will result in reporting to your local Law Enforcement Authorities.
- This platforms values it's members Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. Any member that tramples on such God Given rights, will be suspended or blocked.
- Hate Speech is not allowed: There is a fine line between Freedom of Speech or Hate Speech. Any content or posts that promotes hate, will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be suspended. Specific hate speech not allowed:
- Hate or violence towards minority groups. Including our LGBTQ Community and the Multi-Gender folks.
- Neo Nazi, Anti-Semites, Jihadists, etc. are not welcomed here. If you believe in Genocides or feel that your race or religion is the only one that should exist, seek refuge elsewhere.
- Be Kind to Each Other!
- Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or a Liberal, we are all Americans. Keep your debates civil.
- BEHAVE! Admins on This platform have full discretion to Suspend.

NOTE: If you feel that you have been wrongfully suspended, please use our Support System to Appeal.